Thuan Tinh Island Tours

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Thuan Tinh Island Tours offer mixed-group daily cooking classes at Thuan Tinh Island, Hoi An. Joining with us to learn and enjoy Vietnamese food like...
Duration: 5 hours
Thuan Tinh Island Tours
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Thuan Tinh Island Tours Guides You to Make and Enjoy Delicious and Safe Food

Hoi An Cooking Class at Thuan Tinh IslandMost people love to try local food when visiting a new place. And you can do it in Hoi An for sure. You can walk and try some local food in Hoi An Ancient Town or join a cooking class to learn how to make and enjoy Vietnamese food. If you like a Street Food Tour, the key is that you should know the exact location to find those delicious street foods. You can do it yourself or in a team. You can hike a bike with your hotel and let's start your tour by your way.

Unfortunately, there are some problems that often occur when you try a street food tour. One of which is language. Most vendors cannot speak English or they just know a little bit. Moreover the names of the dishes are written in Vietnamese so you will find it difficult to choose the food you want to try. Therefore, it is important to choose a good guide. If you are looking for the best travel agent in Vietnam, thuantinhislandtours can become an option for you. You can combine a walking ancient town tour with a street food tour. We can arrange a private tour with a professional English speaking guide. While enjoying the beauty of Hoi An Ancient Town, your guide will ask you to stop to enjoy the delicious street food there.

Thuan Tinh Island ToursIf you want to learn and do it yourself for your family and friends at home, you should join with our cooking classes. We stand at No.2 of Classes & Workshops in Hoi An with a lot of good reviews on TripAdvisor. Our Chefs are happy to share their our knowledge and guide you how to make some Vietnamese food, especially Pho. After the class, you will get the recipes. You are then confidently showing your family and friends your skills at home.

We are currently offer 02 daily cooking class for a group of max 10 people: Thuan Tinh Cooking Class and Hoi An Eco Cooking at Bay Mau, Thuan Tinh Island. Our classes start at 8:20am with a pick-up at the hotels in Hoi An Town (the pick-up time will be confirmed for each booking) and finish at around 2:00pm at your hotel. The afternoon class starts at 1:20pm and ends at 6:00pm (if we can gather a group).

All bookings will be confirmed via email with the pick-up time at the hotel and payment status. You can call to check the space, but should send an email to confirm your booking.

If you want to do a private cooking class with your private Chef, you should contact us, we will then send you the details.

We are currently developing and expanding our business: offering more classes and tours in many beautiful places of Vietnam. Please don't hesitate to share with us your ideal plan for your trip in Vietnam. We can make and offer you an interesting itinerary and a very reasonable price.